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Matt Langley and In Ears 'n Eyes start a residency at Portsmouth Middle School in Portsmouth, NH

Matt Langley and In Ears ‘n Eyes start a residency at Portsmouth Middle School in Portsmouth, NH

I love to work with students to help them find their musical voice. From beginners to experienced professionals I work towards the goal of erasing the instrumental barrier and finding joy in music making on any level.

I have been playing music since I was a teenager…over 30 years ago…and teaching for over 20 years. I find teaching to be a constant learning experience with no two students alike and I thoroughly enjoy working to discover what makes each student unique and compelled to make music.

I teach in many locations and in many different settings from one-on-one instruction to ensembles of many shapes, sizes and age ranges to residencies with in Ears ‘n Eyes. Here is a list of where you can find me or you can contact me through the email link at the top of every page of this site or any of the other social links; Facebook and Twitter. I look forward to hearing from you and getting the opportunity to explore the possibilities of finding your musical voice.

Sound Playground – Eliot Maine – This is my home studio where I offer one-on-one instruction in Saxophone and improvisation. I also teach beginning to intermediate players on Clarinet, Flute and Trumpet. If you would like to discuss availability and pricing contact me through this site (email link at the top of the page or through Facebook or Twitter links also at the top of the page)

Portsmouth Music and Arts Center – Portsmouth NH – I have been at PMAC for over 10 years now. I coach youth and adult jazz ensembles and I also teach private lessons on saxophone. To inquire about a class or lessons at PMAC click here or contact me through the links at the top of the page.

Concord Community Music School – Concord, NH – I have been at CCMS for over 15 years. One of my closest friends and musical collaborators, David Tonkin, is the Jazz Dept. Chair and he is the reason I teach at CCMS. If you would like to inquire about a class or one-on-one saxophone instruction at CCMS, click here or contact me through the links at the top of the page.

In Ears ‘n Eyes Creativity Workshops – Based in Portsmouth, NH – In Ears ‘n Eyes is an exploration of conversation between Jazz and Visual Arts created by Artist Roger Goldenberg and Myself. We explore the common language between music and visual art. Our creativity workshops have been attended by many different size and aged groups and we’re always honing our approach and looking for new ways to see and hear art. Contact me through this site for more information. Take a look at some of our work!

What am I currently working on!?

Part of teaching is learning! MOST of teaching is learning! I’ve got a LOT to learn, man! Here’s some stuff I’m working on…

12/3/17 – Just got back from a gig with Bill Wightman, Dave Clark, Tim Gilmore and Giacomo Gates. You know, laid back people are a gift to humanity and I’m a better person for having shared the bandstand with these gents this evening. Giacomo has a way with a song and an audience that puts everyone at ease. There is a LOT to be said for that in my opinion. His book is tidy, correct and full of great tunes that he KNOWS! A pleasure! We kicked off the night with “Lady Be Good” which I have a new appreciation for since I’ve been trying to get it under my fingers and behind my eyeballs on piano. This was opening night on the 26th year of JOSA. Bill Wightman has kicked ass keeping that series going. Thanks Bill. You’re a badass.

3/3/2017 – Whoa, a year and a half since my last entry?! LAME! Today I’ll head down to Chelsea to rehearse with old pals Charlie Kohlhase, John Carlson, Matt Wilson and John Turner for a CKQ reunion show at Third Life Studios in Cambridge. I have been refreshing my memory on Charlie’s music this past week of February vacation. I’ve also been working on improving my range on the bass clarinet…but, I took that beast to John Melisi for a tweakage session. The upper register is just not working properly and I want to know if it’s the horn or ME!?! PMAC Jazz night is next week so rehearsals start on Sunday. Two night this year. 100 years of Jazz! Some tunes I’ve been working on this week; Slush – one of mine I wrote for the Duet gig with Tim Gilmore. Buggy (Lacy) – same deal, this one is quirky rhythmically and intervallically.  Here’s a copy fo yo’sef to twist your fingers and toes around. I got caught with my pants down on “Half Nelson” by Greg Abate at JOSA this season so I’ve been working on that one AND, while I was working on that, “Milestones” – the John Lewis or Miles Davis tune, depending on your point of view – popped up and I started working on that too. Great tune! I looked for a chart in my archives but couldn’t find one so I found this on the web. OKAY! What are YOU up to?

10/02/2015 – School is back in session and my ensembles at PMAC are firing up finally! I’m working on getting a repertoire together for each ensemble that suits the personnel, is challenging but not daunting and makes everyone pumped to play. Last night I listened to a bunch of Robert Glasper stuff. Love that man’s concept and playing. A few years back I started working on my own saxophones. My tenor is the focus right now…there are few pesky leaks and whil practicing yesterday I was zeroing in on them. I’m still getting used to playing on a Jody Jazz hard rubber mouthpiece…don’t know if I’m convinced yet. It’s warm but i still feel it gets buried when things get amplified…I’ve also been working with my vintage Dave Guardala mouthpiece I got from him in ’83. The thing is a barker for sure but some of this shit I recorded on that back in the day still sounds good to me (the sound, mind you…I don’t know if I’ll EVER enjoy listening to my own playing!!) I’ve definitely matured and the brightness of it bugs me but I like it when I need to cut through the din! I took a guitar lesson the other day from guitar god Jason Crigler and I’ve been talking to Zach Lange about guitar stuff too. I’ve been practicing on Taylor’s acoustic…gonna take a LONG time!

What are YOU working on?

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