Zool Mower Cycle

The Zool Mower Cycle is an idea of mine that has been realized through a collaboration with Ted Wojcik of Ted Wojcik Custom Cycles and his son, Cody Wojcik. Here are some pictures from the North American Hand Made Bike Show attended by Ted. Many thanks to Justin Steiner from Dirt Rag Mag for the use of these shots.

Zool Mower Cycle 1

Photo: Justin Steiner of Dirt Rag

The Zool Mower Cycle

Photo: Justin Steiner of Dirt Rag

The Zool Mower Cycle

Photo: Justin Steiner of Dirt Rag

In the coming weeks, I will post the story of how this idea came about. Stop back soon! In the meantime, here’s some of the current buzz:
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:: the boston herald
:: bikeradar.com
:: treehugger.com
:: gizmag.com
:: recumbentjournal.com
:: broadbandsports

Here  are some pics of my original mower cycle on my front lawn just after the first successful mow in May, 20 followed by some pics (courtesy of David Tonkin) of me mowing (tons of leaves…not great conditions by any means!) my front lawn in the Fall of 2009.

Skeptical? Consider the last few pictures…when was the last time you blasted around the yard on your lawn tractor with a kid a few feet away (c’mon, not the neighbor’s kid!)? Have you ever ridden your lawn tractor around the neighborhood just for fun? Have you ever cranked down your dirt driveway with your lawn tractor, slammed on the coaster brake and drifted into a nice 180 like and kid with a new….BIKE?! Oh, yeah, it’ll mow your lawn too!

Matt Langley's Original Mower Bike

…Matt Langley’s Original Mower Bike

Matt Langley's Original Mower Bike

The Zool v1.0

Matt Langley's Zool Mower Cycle

Matt mows with the Zool V2.0

Matt Langley mowing with the Zool

Matt Langley Mowing with the Zool V2.0

The Zool…being CHASED!

Matt Langley's Mower Cycle V2.0

The Mower Cycle V2.0 – Mower Detached

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